Reduce transaction fees by up to 80% and enhance chargeback protection

Experience faster, secure, and low-cost payments. Seriously, the cheapest transaction fees ever.

Pay by bank

Securely from your banking app.

Select Pay by Bank

Link your bank

Payment details won't be saved on browsers or shared with merchants. We are ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

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95% bank coverage across the United States

Grow your internet business

Bank level security

Our advanced encryption techniques and compliance with industry standards provide 100% protection to merchants and their customers.

Zero chargebacks

Receive the full payment amount for each transaction without the risk of chargebacks or disputes. (Does not apply to ACH transactions)

Low fees

No more complicated legacy networks, no more high fees. With Mentium, accepting payments is easy, secure, and most importantly, profitable.

Biometric authentication

Put your sales on autopilot. Boost sales and conversion, and reduce churn rate by providing seamless customer checkout.

Pay by bank: checkout

A new payment method enabling your customers a fast and secure way to pay directly using their bank.

Pay by bank: link payments

Accept payments anywhere using our secure Email / SMS links. This feature offers a convenient way for customers to make payments, as they can simply click on the link provided to complete the transaction.

built for developers

Build for better payment experiences

With just a few lines of code, businesses can seamlessly add Mentium's payment options to their checkout pages and start accepting payments from customers. This can save valuable engineering time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations.

What our clients say about us

By forming a partnership with Mentium for payment processing, we were able to achieve an impressive 85% reduction in our transaction costs. This has had a remarkable impact on our profit margins, enabling us to allocate more resources towards growing our business and delivering greater value to our customers.

Cathy Huang

CEO / Founder


What is Mentium?


Mentium is a payments platform that facilities account to account bank payments in real time. It's a low cost, fast and secure way to pay.

What are Open Banking payments?


Open Banking Payments is a financial service that allows individuals and businesses to initiate online payments and money transfers directly from their bank accounts, without relying on third-party payment providers. It allows customers to pay securely from their bank account.
Please read more here.

What is Pay by Bank?


Pay by Bank is a payment method where you can use a checkout button or payment link. When you choose it, you select your bank and authorize the payment through a secure link without sharing personal financial information or card details or creating an account.

Pay by Bank is Safe?


Compared to credit or debit card payments, Pay by Bank is safer because it creates a secure connection between the customer and the bank to authorize payment. No payment credentials are shared and authentication is done using banking login details, such as FaceID, which makes it harder for fraudsters to make transactions with your information.

In what way is my data utilized when I use Pay by Bank?


Mentium doesn't store any financial data as it's kept only between you and your bank. Your personal information is also kept private and solely utilized for payment processing purposes.

What are the benefits of Pay by Bank?


Bank to bank transactions are much less expensive to process than card payments, with no setup fees, lower fraud costs and chargebacks. Contact sales to learn more and receive a pricing quote.

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