Low cost and secure way to accept payments from your customers

Direct bank payments at almost no cost to attract the next billion users. Seriously, the cheapest transaction fees ever.

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We’ve accepted credit card fees as a necessary evil of running a business, but what if there was a better way?

Mentium enables customers to make payments directly from their bank account to the merchant without the need for cards or manual data entry. This new way of paying is fast, secure and convenient for the customers.

Transparent fee structure with no hidden cost

We remove the complexity of payments by removing legacy payments layers

Fast, secure, and simple payments platform that is built not on the top of legacy payments infrastructure

Powering your online business growth

And now it’s cheaper than ever to accept online payments


Payment methods


USA coverage


No chargebacks at all

Real Time Payments

Unlock the faster payment infrastructure around-the-clock. We are able to facilitate transactions of any size and volume thanks to our extensive banking relationships.

Automated KYC

Mentium automates KYC so you can avoid screening, integrating, and administering additional third-party solutions.

Fraud Protection

Chargebacks are fully eliminated ( 0% chargebacks) by the direct and real-time bank-to-bank payments offered by Mentium.

One-Click Checkout For Online Business

Put your sales on autopilot. Boost sales and conversion by providing seamless one-click customer checkout for your online business.

Use Cases

Decentralized Applications

Mentium provides a complete on-and-off-ramp solution Defi, NFT and any other decentralized applications (dApps). Onboard the next billion users at no cost.


Fast, secure, and simple B2B and B2C real time payment transactions at no cost.


We offer a customized payment solution for marketplaces, including super simple merchant onboarding and KYC processes. Prevent loss of merchants and freelancers due to payment compliance and onboarding complexity.

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